Mihir Naik

Mihir Naik


👋 Hi, I'm Mihir. I like making things on the Internet, playing with my cats & spending time with my family.

From childhood only I wanted to become Entrepreneur & make things that people love to use. Right now I am exploring WEB3 & working on my multiple ideas as solo and with the team.

I am also founder at Green where I help build tech for Founders and Businesses.


🚧 lit.money - simple finance.

😴 pipgig.com - making for creators so they start selling their content easily.

🐢 trytwig.com - I am making with Nimish for me & my friends so we can exchange our recommendations.

🤖 Tot Made it as an experiment with Nimish. It's on auto pilot & people are using it. Right now nimish is managing it.

🐢 plankarma.com - I am making it for my remote team.

😴 mintmoney.xyz - It's DeFi for all.

😴 web3collections.com - I am making it for web3 community.

😴 shipinpublic.com - I want to make something for makers but right now on halt.

💀 Hyperscalefund - Contributing as a member.

💀 PHfam Another project I made for PH community.

💀 Upcoming Made it for PH(Producthunt) community.

💀 Buzzer app Made it to send alerts to my parents. Failed/Learnt it.

Links to find me on the Internet